6 key things to get right as a new manager

Congratulations on becoming a manager for the first time! You probably already have a few ideas on how you want to take on the new role but if you’re like most people you probably also have a few questions. 

It’s not always easy to figure out who you want to be as a manager and getting started can be tough. There are a lot of things you could do but only a few that you can actually focus on. That’s why we put together this simple list of the key things that great managers tend to get right. 

Focus on developing your skills in these areas and you’ll do great! 

1. Build trust with your team

There are a lot of questions in the beginning. That’s normal. You can't solve all things on your own. Instead, ask your team for help. Asking for help can be a powerful tool to show your employees that you trust them and that you are willing to listen to them. You will also build an empathetic and supportive managerial style that will help you in the long run. 

2. Share your values and goals

Express what type of leader you hope to be and how you plan to accompany the team to success. Then, understand each employee's values and how they line up with the core values of the company. Ask your employees what they think about the company’s core values. Take the opportunity during the one-on-ones to ask your employees what their expectations of you are. Share your thoughts. 

3. Structure, structure & structure

Structuring your work is more important than ever when switching to a new role. Use the tools available to plan your time and resources. Provide a supportive environment by scheduling regular check-ins and one-on-ones. Take notes and share them with your employee after the meeting. That way, you can make sure that everyone agrees to and remembers what was said during the meeting. 

4. Set goals and expectations

Ensure that your team’s goals are clearly defined and set goals for yourself so that you can track your own development. As a manager, defining and clarifying goals will be an integral part of your job. By doing so, you will help the team move in the right direction and understand how their work contributes to the larger business goals. Don’t forget to track your team’s progress and check in with them regularly. Following up on the goals you’ve set together shows that you are committed to their success. 

5. Give praise

There are different ways of recognizing your employees. Whichever feedback method you choose to use, make sure to do it regularly and be specific. Make praise a natural part of your leadership style. 

6.  Ask for feedback and be curious

Being able to ask for and internalize feedback is an important skill for any great manager. Be honest and transparent and tell your team how you can improve. Ask for feedback face to face or use your pulse survey frequently. 

Stepping into a managerial role is a process and it can take a little time. In addition to all the new situations you will be faced with, you may find yourself in a completely new team with people you’ve never met. So prepare yourself for not being prepared for everything. Be humble and learn along the way. 

Once again - dare to ask and get help from your colleagues and team members.

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